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Have you ever played the Logo Quizzes that tests your knowledge of global company logos? I know I have! We are bombarded with companies’ branding efforts daily and that’s because it works. Companies can only succeed by generating and retaining a customer base. And their logo is the brand.

Businesses must have professional, communicative logos. How many times have you seen big corporations redesign their logos? UPS, Wal-Mart, Starbucks… Even Microsoft and Apple logos have evolved over time. Television channels seem to do it every year. They want to visually tell customers they are looking to the future.

However, there are plenty of companies which still have the logo they had when they began. Coca-cola and McDonalds are two of the most popular. Their logos are classic and a sign of the times from when they were born. It’s more nostalgic for the customer. “Remember when we shared a Coca-Cola with dad on the beach?”

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